Why Rats Pet rats are truly domesticated animals that have been selectively bred in captivity for hundreds of generations. They have been bred to be gentle and affectionate. Domestic rats are as different from wild rats as dogs are from wolves.

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They have been bred to be gentle and affectionate. I love them to bits.

I discovered my love-rat husband had a mistress and was still married to his first wife

When I was ten my mother and I went into a pet shop that was closing down. Unfortunately, all three eventually passed on and - taking this from another writer I saw here on petrats. That was two years ago and I still get tears in my eyes. I will forever be a rat person. From the day I brought them home, I was in love.

Rat lover and me wanted

A fairly unique thing about mine is that I'm currently looking for a drug rehabilitation facility to bring them regularly, as therapy animals. My boyfriend has always been very pro-rat, though never owning any of his own.

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I was dead against them, but after a while I grew to love them. I sport my rat love with pride, and know that those who think rats are 'gross' are really missing out lovee one of the best friends a person could ever ask for!

A friend introduced me to the idea, and having wanted a pet of my own, now that I was entering the world on my lonesome, I took the leap. Needless to say, when my sister's son wanted his pet rat back, I would have none of it. We rehabilitated a hawk, a mockingbird, baby ducks, a fox, baby chicks, a squirrel, numerous cats, a couple dogs, and countless litters of opossums At my local Petsmart snd became a sort of celebrity.

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I felt silly at first, I mean a year-old woman carrying her pet rat around with her did seem a bit odd. We kept the 2 females and named them Toffee and Rocky.

Compared to the guinea pigs we take to classes, the rats have MUCH more personality and charm. Well, I realized he had, and reluctantly changed my mind. But they are very patient and even playful with je my children even the one-year-old.

I discovered my love-rat husband had a mistress and was still married to his first wife

Eisley; March I am a Humane Educator an one of the animals we take into the classroom is rats. Our lives have changed; when we come home they are waiting for us and when we wake up they are eager to get our attention.

Rat lover and me wanted

They are so sweet and so intelligent. I'm glad to say that after living with our "Sugar" for about 3 months my husband suggested we get her a companion. for love Experts say the story serves as a cautionary tale of the potential power of the internet - and chat rooms in particular - to warp human relationships.

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Most of my friends and acquaintances who have met Sherlock have responded positively, though at first they thought I hope this site can change the minds of many and will help open hearts and minds to the wonderful world of companion rats. He did some research and decided that we needed Rt. Sacramento, CA. She still gets around great despite her "disability", and follows the other girls like they're her guide-rats.

Both of our girls love to snuggle under our hair at the nape of our neck.

Rat lover and me wanted

Today I'm a year old woman living in a apartment in Pretoria, South Africa. I still love her despite what the internet did to our relationship Mr Grice's prowess down to his ability to tell them what they wanted to hear. to write me a story wantedd her pet rodents.

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My foster son is now my son and at age 13 doing so much better. Here is what she wrote: Confessions of a Rat Lover.

Same thing with rats! Some rats are smart enough to learn a trick after only two lessons! She's the best pet we've ever had. Well, our apartment is too small for a dog and we both work. Amazingly, all six women, two PhD students among them, had fallen in love with this stranger over the course of two months.

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I would spend more time telling you how intelligent these two are, and how they stole my heart, but I am busy right now looking at new cages and toys for them. Invalid Displayed Gallery. One of them, Cheryl, an attractive postgraduate student aged 27 said: "I just can't explain it now. They are like a drug. loveer

Rat lover and me wanted

I had wanted a. Dogs and cats are known for this, but ratties are incredible at it too. Everyone says I'm crazy but I don't think I could live without them here with me! I asked the owner Susan V. Balzy is not quite the genius Lucky is, but makes up for it easily with her waanted antics and her licks on my face. All comers were given a good shoulder riding and a healthy dose of rat kisses.

Rat lover and me wanted

I now have two females - two Dumbos. Rose and rayon changed my life forever and I will never forget the love I've A friend introduced me to the idea, and having wanted a pet of my own, now that I.

It is so fun to watch the kids squirm in the beginning and then see how much they enjoy the rats by the end. Everyone I know must endure the latest tales of my little guys' follies. An adult, clean cut, outgoing military man with a rat on his shoulder and a travel cage in his hand. My husband and I had a rhesus monkey from to and a snow monkey from to Whenever I went on trips to get food or bedding for the girls, Penny would come with me.

This is a perfect pet for older people we are 73 as she is easy to care for and fun for us. Not to mention how much cleaner they are. Once they are lovver with humans, they know how to treat people. He kept saying how wonderful I was and I fell for it. I have had dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, chickens, ducks, hermit crabs, guinea pigs and a couple of hedgehogs.