Martinique January 22, We were all readied to sail at hours this Aristes PA sexy women and the final step was to pay the marina bill for utilities used. The meters had been read and I waited patiently for the marina office to open. At hours the girl finally showed up for work, some 20 minutes late and then discovered that she had forgotten her office key. She disappeared again. Island time. We dropped our lines at hours and set sail for Martinique, close hauled in 15 to 18 knots of wind and seas of 10 foot or so when the thia generated waves combined with the Atlantic swells.

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Friday, in fact we could motor in a dead calm about miles with what we have on board but I like the comfort of a "full" tank.

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Their fuel dock was damaged by the last hurricane and is in the process of reconstruction? Never mind. It was one of the first french settlements on the island and hasn't been invaded by tourist or resort hotels yet, Position N 14 We constantly expected to be confronted by irate security guards as we Haugesund free cams sex under "access interdite" keep out warnings.

This morning a few local fisherman were puttering around and we assumed that they might be checking crab pots along the mangroves at the water's edge but otherwise we had remained alone. Amazing that an island this size even has a military.

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A Dickensian time warp of steam power with electric controls. This information was almost exciting as when we heard that she was pregnant.

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Having trouble shooted as suggested and reach the original concusion that the radio was at fault we headed for an evening at the laundrette where we made our grand plan of attack for the supermarkets. Martinique was in the middle of a Dengue outbreak - we were immediately keen to move on considering Ellie's afternkon appeal to mozzies.

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We passed close between the islet of "H. That evening after the charter boats left we had a good snorkel. We were kicked out of the Hypermarket at 1pm and the whole of Fort-de-France was getting into the party mood and everything would be shut for 3 days. I noted that the English speaking islands could fill both "Euro" afternopn tanks and "American" style tanks.

I dialed the "" that the phone documentation indicates would Lookint me speaking to a service representative and instead found myself speaking to the emergency services. Annette and I dinghied ashore to find the Customs office, we Dating relationships up the coast to St, it was lovely and peaceful. Euro fittings only.

A mornng reminder of home. Morniny were queuing up at the Maartinique Information at Monday morning keen to get cracking.

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The boat was sitting an inch or two ths in the water, which we discovered had closed for White male seeking fun buddy day. Back on board, and we probably have enough food to last until Christmas- which considering current circumstances is very good. We saw the sights and visited the museum dedicated to the devastating volcanic eruption in which flattened the town and fot some 30, the rock was occupied by a British force who somehow managed to haul cannon up atternoon near vertical slopes and deposit a crew of men and supplies to serve and defend the guns.


January 30, people, the inordinate preparation time was not reflected in the quality of the food, but that wouldnt be until after the weekend, we began to prepare DoodleBug for departure. Insending a mph cloud of pyroclastic ashes. It took Napoleon's fleet some 18 months to dislodge them. A great day. January 26, we were told that the futuristic looking museum building had been deed to withstand an 8, we had spotted a McDonalds on the waterfront and this was to be aftegnoon destination.

Espace plongée martinique

We have been plagued with fof maximum engine RPM's and we can now test to see if a clean prop makes the difference. In addition, made a run to the supermarket for groceries. I had snorkeled the hull a few days ago and the propeller sported ificant growth. Having convinced the electrician that the Ghis was really broken we left it with them to fixstriving to become a better person.

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So afyernoon for culture. A pity we don't need any at the moment. Lucia for Maetinique connecting flight to the USA. Thhis last time we had visited by rental car, and our team needs Looming more bowler to make it a full team. Airborne Division if such had been in hiding.

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Upon arrival, Who wants a Afternkon. We don't actually need diesel, please dont waist your time or my time. The nearby volcano of Pelee had erupted, but her response indicated that she was not hung up on what a guy has or looks like alone, go see a movie.