Look out for "saturates" or "sat fat" on the label. High: More than 5g saturates per g. May be womam red. Medium: Between 1. May be colour-coded amber. Low: 1.

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This may be evidence that body fat influences judgments of female beauty due more to societal norms than brain wiring.

Cheese: when using cheese to flavour a dish or sauce, try a strong-tasting cheese, such as reduced-fat mature cheddar, as you'll need less. Chilli: use lower-fat mince or mix in a meat-free mince alternative.

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To explore the roots of this behavior, researchers had 14 men, average age 25, rate how attractive they found pictures of the naked derrieres of seven women before and after cosmetic surgery that gave them more shapely hips. Choose plain rice and chapatti instead of pilau rice thik naan. Eggs : prepare eggs without oil or butter.

Choi Watching a curvaceous woman can feel like a reward in the brain of men, fro as drinking alcohol or taking drugs West Valencia horny girls, research now reveals.

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Medium: Between 1. It has about half the saturated fat of semi-skimmed. Platek and his colleague Devendra Singh detailed tjick findings online Feb. Shapely hips in women are linked with fertility and overall health. Alternatively, mix meat mince with a meat-free mince alternative.

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It might not be especially surprising that fof wired the male brain to find attractive bodies rewarding. Chips: choose thick, straight-cut chips instead of french fries or crinkle-cut to reduce the surface area exposed to fat. Yoghurt: choose a lower-fat and lower-sugar yoghurt.

Poach, boil or dry fry your eggs. Future research could also investigate the effects that attractive figures have on the female brain. There can be a big difference in saturated fat content between similar products. thifk

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May be colour-coded amber. Look out for "saturates" or "sat fat" on the label. Chinese: choose a lower-fat dish, such as steamed fish, chicken chop suey or szechuan prawns.

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Low: 1. Potatoes: make your roast potatoes healthier by cutting them into larger pieces than usual and using just a little sunflower or olive oil.

Brain scans of the men revealed that seeing post-surgery women activated parts of the brain linked with rewards, including regions associated with responses to drugs and alcohol. It's lower in saturated fat than a creamy or cheesy sauce. Beans and lentils wiman count towards your 5 A Daytoo. As such, it makes sense evolutionarily speaking that studies across cultures have shown men typically find hourglass figures sexy.

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High: More than 5g saturates per g. If you choose one of these, try not to eat all the sauce. May be colour-coded green. wman

Kebabs: go for a shish kebab with pitta bread and salad rather than a doner kebab. Try this healthy lemon chicken recipe. Avoid adding cream on mice.

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Thai: try a stir-fried or steamed dish containing oLoking, fish or vegetables. Charles Q. Serving sizes can vary too, so make sure you're comparing like for like. Choose the food that's lower in saturated fat. Pasta: try a tomato-based sauce on your pasta.

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Watch out for curries that contain coconut milk, which is high in saturated fat. The easiest way to do this is by looking at the nutritional content per g.