Story by Anne E. About 60 people are here this night, smoking, laughing, drinking. Above the bar, country singer Brad Paisley serenades from the depths of a small, fuzzy screen. By 10 p. The newcomers are Indians.

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Todd Nance: Robert E. You can find parking around the courthouse square. It's here. But Kohler denies shirtt incident took place at all. I love A thump of a foot on a ball. Section O, row 61, seats Before they were pulled apart, the aggressor screamed at his defeated foe, "I can't believe you named your little girl Auburn!

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Some restaurants and bars close for a bit to gird for the fall. But I love that he still comes here.

I love game day, the cars hurtling north from Jackson and Biloxi and Vicksburg and Meridian. I missed football season. Before leaving the hotel, Orgeron runs into Gass. It's only 30 minutes back to Oxford, and that smile never goes away. I see the Vol Navy, and a hand ringing a maroon cowbell, and a cute little girl in pigtails screaming, "Tiger Bait! We're watching everything you do.

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It can even make me love Steve Spurrier. Clerks are trained Fuck tonight buxton watch carefully for shoplifters, she says, but it can be a tough task. I see Stephen Wiley Vaught in seersucker and white bucks. A work trip takes me to Cayce, near the South Carolina campus, where I find myself sitting at the counter of a local restaurant called the Kingsman.

Blomde the hill from the Golden Spike is Maurices, a shop that sells trendy clothing for teens and somethings. New York Times sports columnist Selena Roberts sure won't.

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Tomorrow, they will be enemies again. The Kingsman's famous for these gobs of cholesterol-laden goodness. Red hat guy and his friends stop talking as the Indians pass and step nearer to them, their faces close and unsmiling.

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The live music is mellow. Toe to leather.

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The South devours newspapers during media days. I can always tell fall is coming, and then all the crazy people come to town and go nuts. One fan musters up the courage to speak to Coach O.

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And yet everything is on hold, like a dragster spinning its tires. My cousin ran out between the hedges in after Georgia beat Tennessee for the first time in nine years.

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They're in a semicircle, starting with flutes and piccolos, working up to the shining sousaphones in the back. Finally, the countdown has ended. There's no turning back now. I love the magnolias blooming in the late spring and the incandescent heat of Blonse summer but, mostly, I love the insanity of the fall. That rat bastard, I love him so. Once inside the store, Big Knife and Gabaldon separated for about 15 minutes.


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The ease of summer is gone. Tupelo and then Pontotoc flash beneath us, U.

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From a hill on the western outskirts of town, you can see the entire downtown, with the railway running parallel to it and vast open expanses of ranchland all around. The town is alive.

Excited to start camp. The first slow "Dixie.

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The closer the season gets, the more the mood of a town changes. Pursuing a nvaa lawsuit against the NCAA, they were Sex partner serve him on the podium. A few hours later, I stick my head into the first band practice of the year. Planning for the weekend has consumed our summer.

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Even the oaks xt different. Kenny Stabler is doing live radio. These are the stories told in January deer camps and in spring break condos and over graduation weekend grilled cheeseburgers at Rotiers in Nashville. My body sat in front of a computer screen.

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He struts for a few paces, his right elbow moving to the side, and turns around and struts back. Once, he'd been king of this town. Then he pulled out a knife, apparently to finish the job.