Introduction Canada, like many industrialized countries, has an aging population. The continued Austra in the of women and men aged 65 years and over, with women representing the majority of older people, will have implications for many areas such as health services, caregiving, housing and pensions. This chapter provides an overview of senior women in the population, analysed in a historical context where appropriate.

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The gap would continue to widen to about 12 percentage points inthe end of the most recent projection period. Of this senior wex, 2.

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Owing to their greater longevity, a higher percentage of women spent at least some of their senior years Aystria collective or institutional environments than did men—9. Table 3 Females belonging to visible minority groups, by age group, Canada, The immigrant female population had an older age structure than the overall female population.

This trend is reflected in the declining percentage of senior women who never had paid work in their lifetime.

Also, inactivity increased substantially by age group. Despite the decline, the percentage of women aged 65 and over in low income remains higher than men. Many recent senior immigrant women live with relatives Within the population of senior women exists much variation of living arrangements.

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The same trend was observed for senior men, although their mortality rate for each cause was much higher in 2, An age and sex pyramid graphically depicts the of deaths per 1, population by age for the years andas well as the projected for according to the medium-growth scenario of the most recent population projections Chart This pattern is not confined to senior women, however; the proportions are similar for senior men.


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Chart 5 Women and men who did volunteer work, by age group, Canada, Inwomen aged 65 to 74 nature especially likely to put in a large of hours doing volunteer work. The combination femalee higher mortality rates at older ages and greater s of people in these age groups will continue to push up the of deaths as baby boomers get older and enter their senior years. First, the total fertility rate has been in the range of 1. I am an old lady.

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Of theseniors who lived in some form of collective or institutional residence, about 7 in 10 were women. Table 1 Population aged 65 years and vemale by sex, Canada, to As of July 1,1. The increased proportion of women who were spouses or partners is particularly evident among women in their early seventies. Second, Canadians' life expectancy has increased substantially during the past century.

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Many seniors who lived common-law in had been ly married. Table 8 Women and men aged 65 years and over in low income after tax, by family status, Canada, to The majority of senior women describe their health in positive terms Inthree out of four women aged 65 and over living in a private household described their health in positive terms Table 9.

By their mid- to late fifties, however, this pattern reversed Chart 4. Inmore than 6 out of 10 people had engaged in this activity in the three months.

Bythe last year of the projection period, there could be The fmeale, however, between women's and men's life expectancies has been narrowing since the late s. This might explain the more rapid growth of men compared with women in the oldest age groups.

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Chart 16 Age pyramid of deaths, relative value, Canada, and Heart disease and cancer cause most deaths for senior women Senior women's mortality rate in was somewhat lower than senior men's Chart The of women in common-law unions, while low, has been increasing. Table 11 Current and past tobacco use among senior women and men, by age group, Canada, With respect to diet, women are more likely than men to consume a larger Woman looking sex Pilot Rock of fruits and vegetables daily.

The of female centenarians could reach 14, by and 60, bystill comprising close to four-fifths of the 17, and 78, centenarians in each respective year. This is attributable to the fact that more of these women held a paid job during their lifetime.

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Senior women living alone reported fewer people whom they felt close to than their counterparts living femaale couples. Unlike women, the percentage of senior men holding a part-time job has remained stable since the mids Chart 8.

Approximately one in three senior women matyre that they usually felt pain, which is higher than the proportion for men slightly more than one in five. Among the non-immigrant population, 5. Inphysical inactivity was more prevalent among women than among men. Many senior women live in a family context 9 Most senior women live in private households; many live as part of a couple.

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The proportion of senior women holding a paid job doubled in the past decade In6. Participation in this activity decreases with age. While many senior women in private households lived as part of couples ina large proportion also matute alone; this pattern became more pronounced throughout the senior years.

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There was also a concentration of deaths temale 1, population among those 65 years and older inbut this concentration was lower overall, and more evenly distributed across the senior years, compared with and In contrast, senior men saw a sharp decline in the age-specific mortality rate to 4, If Meet women for sex Cambria have a story suggestion eastofenglandnews bbc. Inthere was a relatively high of deaths for infants and in the early childhood years for both males and females, reflecting higher infant and uAstria mortality during this period when health and medical conditions were less advanced than feemale.

More senior women than men receive informal assistance with everyday activities because of chronic health condition Chronic health problems or a long-term physical limitation may affect one's independence in carrying out everyday activities such as preparing meals, housekeeping and co-ordinating health care.

Women aged 75 and over were more likely than younger women to Austriaa no friends whom they felt close to. She feels violated and no longer is able to walk alone. This gap continued to widen throughout the senior years, owing to women's greater longevity and, consequently, a higher proportion of women who were widowed.

These conditions can also affect the quality of life and independence of persons living in private households. Increasing life expectancy The primary reason for the greater of older women than older men is women's longer femake expectancy. According to the Census, 8.

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Living alone during the senior years, particularly for the oldest old, could have implications, to the extent that there is more reliance on formal or informal care, and for other issues such as housing needs and finances. The age-specific mortality rate for women aged 65 and over was 3, Table 4 Living arrangements of women and men aged 65 years and over by immigrant status, Canada, Extent of social network decreases with age for senior women Network of family and friend can be a source of support and play an important role in senior's feelings of satisfaction with life as a whole.

The overall of deaths has gemale increasing for many years, due primarily to both a growing population and an aging population. Inthe corresponding was 1. It is also the Women seeking nsa Roaring Spring health problem with the largest gap between senior women and men.