I just finished High school this past year. Wow, what a difference it has been going onto college this summer.

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Bush while Reese goes as Hillary Clinton.

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I want to be a total submissive teen whore for you, doing and being whatever Ard is that would please you Sir! Call 1. They participate at a local den of iniquity called the Coin Club, which turns out to be a Mafia owned enterprise, much to their chagrin. I was raised in a small town in Ohio. Very boring if you ask me.

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Hope you like my pictures that my girlfriend took in my bedroom. Story is sort of knitted together by endlessly repeated shots of the two girls sunbathing, with Bree's breathless voice-over filling us in on what's going on. Wow, what a difference it has been going onto college this summer. I have a sexy, young voice to go naghty with tight little body.

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Huge continuity error occurs at this point, because we've seen, with emphasis, the George Bush mask left behind at the club and the gangsters brandishing it in their office, yet later Bree is miraculously wearing it once more. Film's cynical and asinine ending is not worth spoiling, but before it occurs we must suffer through an naughyy turn of events wherein the gangsters robbing the gold and ased to kill our femme duo agree to hump them instead and even give them half the loot. Instead the duo are in debt due to gambling, supposedly to raise money for tuition and other college expenses.

The title is more important than the video's contents, as it als jail-bait Ladies seeking nsa Northridge -surely the most lucrative vein of porn in recent years for money-grubbing directors to mine.

Referring to their confederate in crime played by Dane Cross before he got hooked on humping MILFs for a living who's nicknamed Monkey, she tells us she's received a post card from Pitcairn Island that re: "Coconuts are great, but I'm still going apeshit". There is no real hint that a former master of the medium Orleans made this hackwork, with not even his usual basket Ar fetishes pantyhose, bondage and other kinks included.

The caper of the title is twofold: first the duo dress up nude but with masks hiding their identity, Olson bearing the likeness of George W. I just finished High school this past oc. I want to feel your shaft barred deep in the back of my throat so you hear me gag all over your cock.

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Olson and fellow-blonde Kylee Reese star as college roommates, but there is never any tangible indication that this is a nnaughty set in the world of higher education - that's merely a throwaway marketing hook. Definitely words to live by. Being forced down and made into a slut is so hot to me!